Now sync Lotus and Google / Yahoo! Calendars is available!

A lot of mobile gadgets appearing in the World lately: iPhones, iPads, Androids, etc. Users of these gadgets would like to operate with corporate calendar. It's very convenient to have agenda on hand, to be able to view, create and update events and tasks, edit them directly on mobile gadget. One of the common enterprise environments in the World is IBM Lotus Notes/Domino.

Mobile gadgets don't have the ability to interact with Lotus directly, so synchronization is required for this purpose. There are several ways to synchronize Lotus Calendar with mobile gadgets:

- IBM Lotus Notes Traveler. This is, in principle, a good tool, but users complain about its inconveniences. Also, its drawback is that it can only be installed by the administrator on the Domino server. That is, the end user is unable to synchronize the calendar with PC by himself without Domino administrator.

- Third-party synchronization tools. Existing ones can interact with mobile gadgets directly (but it's possible to do in local network only, which is inconvenient), or via a public calendar service (usually Google Calendar). The advantage of interim calendar service is that mobile gadgets usually have native tools to interact with them.

PimSyncer Software Company has developed tools that can bi-sync Lotus and Google or Yahoo! Calendars (events and tasks). Competitive advantage of this tool is that it works as native Lotus application that allows using it on any operating system that is supported by IBM Lotus Notes / Domino: Windows, Mac, and Linux. Also, PimSyncer can synchronize recurring events and tasks bidirectional. It can work both on Lotus Notes client and on Lotus Domino server. And it can run either manually or automatically after a preset time.

Since this synchronization tool uses CalDAV protocol, the company plans to develop and test interoperability with other calendar systems that support this protocol, such as Zimbra, etc.