Instructions how to install, to configure and to use PIM Syncer.

How to install PIM Syncer.

1. Download setup database and open it in Lotus Notes Client (v. 6.x or higher). 2. Select type of installation: on Lotus Domino server or on Lotus Notes client. 3. Define folder to install PIM Syncer databases. 4. Click to "Install" button.

How to configure synchronization profile.

Once installed, open PIM Syncer database and create user profile to synchronize Lotus Calendar of one Lotus user with one Google, iCloud or Yahoo! Calendar account by clicking to "Create User Profile" action in "User Profiles" menu. Fill required fields and click to "Save & Close" action.

How to configure proxy.

Once configuring User Profile, select proxy type: 1. Lotus Notes Client Proxy (By "Location" document). This option is valid for Lotus Notes client only. To tune it, open Location document by clicking menu File/Mobile/Edit Current Location and click to button near option "Proxy Configuration". 2. Default Proxy (By "General Settings" document). To tune this proxy configuration, open "General Settings" document in "General Settings" view.

How to synchronize by schedule on Lotus Notes client.

Need to make sure:

  • Open User Profile document and make sure "Enable to run automatically" option is enabled.
  • Open PIM Syncer database, click menu Actions / Local Scheduled Agents / 1. Enable.
  • Open PIM Syncer database, open database properties, find "Disable background agents for this database" option and make sure it's turned on.
  • Scheduled agent in PIM Syncer database is turned on and agent's "Run on" field contains "Local" or "-Any Server-" value. By default it's true if you did not change these options before.

How to synchronize by schedule on Lotus Domino server.

Need to make sure:

  • Scheduled agent in PIM Syncer database is turned on.
  • Signer of PIM Syncer design elements (script libraries and agents) are signed by Lotus ID with permission to run restricted and unrestricted code.
  • Server task "Agent Manager" is running.
  • Current server (or "-Any Server-") is defined in field "Run on" of PIM Syncer "Sync Agent".