Question: Does this tool synchronize with my mobile gadget (iPhone, iPad, etc.) or with my software (iCalendar, Mozilla Lightning/Sunbird, Google, etc.)?


No, this tool could not synchronize with mobile gadget directly. But it can synchronize Lotus Calendar with Google, iCloud or Yahoo! Calendar and then you are able to synchronize your calendar with most of mobile gadgets (click here (Google) or click here (Yahoo!) to find instructions how to do that). That is, Google, iCloud or Yahoo! Calendar will be intermediate between Lotus and your mobile gadget or your software.

Question: Will it synchronize by schedule?


Yes, synchronization can be started manually and by schedule both on Lotus Notes client and on Lotus Domino server.

Question: Is it possible to synchronize several Lotus and Google / iCloud / Yahoo! calendar accounts?


Yes, it can synchronize as many Lotus and Google / iCloud / Yahoo! account as required. It's possible to create unlimited count of synchronization user profiles, each of them will synchronize one Lotus mail database with one Google / iCloud / Yahoo! Calendar account. But synchronizing Lotus ID (synchronizing user in manual case or design signer in automatically case) should have sufficient access to Lotus mail databases (at least author access for one way synchronization or at least editor access for bi-directional synchronization).

Question: Can this tool synchronize any types of simple/recurring events/tasks?


Yes, PIM Syncer can synchronize any types of events and task bi-directionally. But there is one particularity of synchronization of event invitations. If event has at least one invitee, it can not be synchronized to the "source" side. That is, initially created invitation in Lotus could be synchronized from Lotus to Google / iCloud / Yahoo!, but not from Google / iCloud / Yahoo! to Lotus.

Question: Is there ability to synchronize Lotus and Google / iCloud / Yahoo! address books?


Not yet, currently this feature is being investigated.

Question: What protocol is used to sync with Google / iCloud / Yahoo! Calendar?


PIM Syncer uses CalDAV protocol to sync events and tasks with iCloud / Yahoo! Calendar and events with Google Calendar. Google tasks are synced by Google tasks API.

Question: Can't get calendars list in User Profile document, Lotus Notes hung up. What to do?


Need to modify your ECL to allow Java execution.

  • Click menu File => Security => User Security => Enter your password if required
  • Open secion What Others Do => Using Workstation
  • Find your Lotus user ID in field When Code is signed by
  • Make sure the following options are turned on: File system and Network.

Why calendar events, deleted in Lotus still appear in my Google calendar?


Most likely Google events are not deleted because this ability is disabled by the following User Profile's option:

Events and tasks can be deleted.

Please enable this option.